Rattan Chest w/ Leather Straps

Product code 00737
Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 750 x 530 x 560 cm

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Rectangle rattan chest is made from strong hard wearing rattan cane, and has a wonderful leather straps, hinges and handles. These chests have a flip top lid with. Perfect for toys, sporting equipment, shoes, or as a log basket by the fire, the small one can even be used as a picnic hamper. Antique grey rattan chests are made from 8mm thick whole rattan cane, the dark brown rattan chests are make from “jumbo” half cane and have a cotton liner. Available in 4 sizes. Similar chests with rope handles are also available in the natural rattan. LARGEST – 88 x 58 x 60 cm H          PRICE $230.00 MEDIUM  – 70 x 45 x 49 cm H          PRICE $210.00 SMALL – 50 x 37 x 34 cm H          PRICE $120.00 X SMALL – 36 x 28 x 25 cm H          PRICE $70.00