Rattan Picnic Basket


Rattan picnic baskets.

Product code00710
Weight17 kg
Dimensions490 × 340 × 380 cm

This rectangle rattan picnic basket is made from strong rattan, both lids open fully so you can pack your picnic easily. These rattan picnic baskets from Portsea Furnishings are very strong, rattan is a very robust hard wearing material that will last a lifetime. Leather strapping as a hinge. 100% natural and biodegradable.  Available in natural only. At Portsea Furnishings we also have many other styles of picnics, rectangle picnic and an oval picnic basket, these come in many different colours.

PRICE $ 85.00                                        DIMENSIONS: 49 x 33 x 25(45) cm H

* measurements in brackets refer to the height of the handle.

Rectangle Picnic Basket
Rectangle Picnic Basket – White
Oval Picnic basket
Oval Picnic basket – Rainbow